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Warranty Information and Conditions of Sale

Warranty Information and Conditions of Sale -

Jeeepart Recyclers Management and staff are confident that the new and recycled parts that they supply are of such high quality that they will provide a 360-day warranty on practically all stock. However, we do have absolute minimum warranty on all parts of 101 days. Please note that our warranty's are strictly parts only.

We pride ourselves in our quality control thus minimizing the hassle of non-merchantable product, however, if it does happen we will gladly work with you for a happy result. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, so please give us a call, email or come in and see us if you are not completely satisfied.

Contact us for more information or if you have any enquiries / concerns! Email sales@j-p-r.com or ring 1800 46 5337. 

More information and conditions of warranty/ sale - 

- Any repairs effected without Jeeepart Recyclers written consent will be the responsibility of the customer. Warranty will be voided if parts are dismantled or tampered with in any way. Items returned under warranty must be in the same condition and packaging as when it was sold.

- It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that all lubricants are to manufacturer's recommended levels. Each secondhand engine is test run and compression tested where applicable. All engines are fitted with a heat tab and appropriate warranties given based on test results. There are no warranties against manufacturer defects.

- Warranty will become void if

a) heat tab is defaced, removed or is missing

b) fuel, ignition or cooling systems are not to satisfactory standards

c) there is a lack of sufficient oil and/or lubricant as per recommended levels.

- Please note that in the event of any preliminary signs of malfunction, it is the customers responsibility to cease operation and to report the problem directly with Jeeepart Recyclers. Failure to comply with this condition may result in more serious consequential damage and thus void any warranty.

- Jeeepart Recyclers offers a full warranty for the period detailed on your invoice which comes into effect from the purchase date. 

- Any warranty claim is limited to replacement, credit or refund at our option, up to the amount of the original purchase. We will supply free of charge all components required to rectify any authorised claims and reserve the right to supply used components in some circumstanced as required.

- Jeeepart Recyclers shall be reimbursed for any expense incurred to any warranty claim which proves to be outside the warranty conditions.

- Jeeepart Recyclers will not be held liable for any loss or damage, loss of income or down time incurred directly or indirectly because of failure of parts sold including equipment rental or rental cars.

- Any repairs made without Jeeepart Recyclers written consent will be the responsibility of the customers

- Warranty will become void if parts are dismantled, damaged or tampered with. Items returned under warranty must be complete as sold.