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Why we recycle?

You may well ask "What is auto parts recycling?" and "Why should I be part of it?" - Auto parts recycling is the efficient dismantling and processing of an end of life vehicle (ELV). The two extremes of ELV could be described as:

1) A late-model, low kilometre vehicle that has been involved in an accident which generally the RECYCLER will purchase from the insurance company.


2) An older type of vehicle that no longer has a commercial value in the marketplace.


Of course, there is a huge range in between that the recycler competes to purchase depending on the demand and availability of parts for that model.

Auto Parts Recyclers handle these ELVS and waste generated by them at their own expense, generally without assistance from the manufacturers who "cradled" them, right through to the final consumer who for whatever reason sent it to the "grave".

The recycler dismantles, cleans, checks and assesses each individual component to its suitability as a replacement part then wraps, racks and inventories ready for immediate dispatch often to markets greater than his/her own locale.

This results in a genuinely recycled automotive part for YOU from the complete engine or transmission assemblies right down to a simple camber bolt or nut that can be used in its current form, rather than have a rebuilt or replaced new part.

Re-use is the purest form of recycling. It is the most efficient and environmentally-friendly form of recycling; it saves raw materials and energy. Despite our best efforts the advantages of product re-use over material re-use as the most efficient form of recycling have often been ignored, and worse, sometimes argued against.

You may not be aware that recycled car, truck, and motorcycle parts are amongst the best money-saving items in the world. It is a fact that compared to new parts, recycled parts can easily save you up to 70% of your vehicle's repair parts costs.

Buying recycled parts not only saves our precious resources and energy required to manufacture new parts, BUT IT SAVES YOU MONEY.